Custom EE’s, Interbike Update

I realize it’s been a little bit since our last update so I thought I’d put some random stuff out there.   In this post I’ll share some pictures of custom Ee brakes including root beer colored, an update on the light bike, which includes  a new sub 100 gram rear hub from Dash, as well as some skewers from Tune.  We’ve got an update on one of the 29er projects which is a change in frames as well as the arrival of some 29″ tubular tires from Dugast.

First a quick update on the light bike project, our skewers have arrived and it’s nearing completion.  While not yet released we did manage to get a set of Tune U20 skewers 19grams is pretty silly for a quick release skewer.  A mix of carbon, titanium and aluminum make up the axles, while the handles are made from carbon and aluminum.  Expect to see these available sometime later this year.   We don’t have a price on them yet, but we don’t expect to call them “inexpensive”   With the arrival of these skewers and hub we are lacking only chainrings, cassette and rear derailleur.

While I don’t yet have this hub in my possession I do have the pictures to show that it’s finished.  This should be arriving with us sometime next week.  It’s a full carbon hub shell and axle built with full ceramic bearings.  It uses a Tune titanium drive ring and freehub body.  I’m wasn’t given an exact weight but was told that it would be sub 100 grams.  Again I’ll update this when it arrives.

Moving on to another of the interbike projects.  An unfortunate turn of events means that the prototype carbon frame we had planned on using for our center piece won’t be ready in time.  However our wonderful friends at Titus stepped up to fill the void with a special ti frame.  More on that when it arrives later this week or next.    I have to give  a big thanks to Stu for getting these to us in time.   These are a 47mm 29″ tubular tires with a weight of 582 and 583 grams.

The rest of the project has come along nicely.  Our computer guru Jeff R continues to work on his part of the project.  I can’t really give any updates on exactly what that is but I can share a couple of pictures of his work.  I can’t say that I’m totally sure what’s going on in any of these pictures, but it’s enough for me that Jeff knows what’s going on.   Maybe it will mean something to you, and maybe it won’t, but regardless we are really grateful that he’s so dedicated to making this happen.

Geoff McFetridge Art

Moving on to the next project.  Artist Geoff McFetridge has once again signed on to design a bike.  This time the it won’t just be designed by Geoff but actually hand painted by him as well.   This bike will start with the Parlee TT frame, but since it seems I’m incapable of doing anything normal this won’t be a TT bike, but will rather be something a little different.  It won’t be focused on any one specific genre within cycling but rather something else.  I have no idea what Geoff has in mind for this bike but he has been given total freedom to do whatever he wants to the frame, fork, rims and seatpost.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

For the last update I have some pictures of custom ee brakes.  Not everyone knows it, but for a fee custom brakes are available in just about any color.  Shown here are some variations of gold and root beer brown.

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