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Over the weekend the 2011 Giro route was announced.  Pinarello took over as the official bike of the Giro and as such had a Dogma from the Pinarello Lab on display.  The bike seemed to be a little overlooked as really no good pictures have surfaced as of yet (at least not that we’ve seen.)  We find this strange due to the fact that the bike featured the 2011 electronic Campagnolo group.  Rumors of this group have persisted since early prototype pictures hit the web back in 2003.   Here we are 7 years later and the visible changes are pretty minimal.   Unfortunately we can’t add anything really new in terms of details, at least not yet, but we will as soon as we can.  What we can add for now is a few good pictures.  The only details we can add are that the rumors of OE accounts being shown Electronic at Eurobike were correct.  However OE accounts at Interbike were not shown.  This puts it into a strange slot of timelines.  It’s unlikely to be a 2011 product unless it’s a very late release 2011.  More likely it will be an early 2012 product.   The only change we are hearing about comes in the form of the battery on this shown bike.  It’s said to have double the capacity of Shimano Di2.  It’s now being said that it doesn’t need this and will likely be reduced in both capacity and overall size.

4 comments on “Campagnolo Electronic”

  1. Mike K. says:

    Yes I thought it was strange as well that the bike did not draw more attention and get more press.

  2. quick_step says:

    A old/new spanish team will have this availible as a option to them only (rumors)

  3. Ian Carr says:

    Though this is interesting, I don’t really like where it seems the industry is headed. I know that Di2 is very good, but there is something about keeping a bike “fuelless”, something very good. I don’t like to think that someday the entire pro peloton will be shifting on double-a’s.

  4. Sprocket04 says:

    Italian electronics over Japanese electronics… no way! The French tried and failed too. Also… looks from pictures like the read derailleur is connected to a cable the probably runs to the front derailleur that has the “motor” that pulls it. Rear Der. looks light but maybe too light. I’ll stick with ordering DI2!

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