Custom Project: Right Part 5

*** The Final Update of Project Right has been posted.

Mostly a pictorial update today.  The axle has been finished for the righty hub, and put into the nearly completed fork.  The 514 gram fork will use an inverted headset with the attachment point at the crown which means the steerer tube will be integrated as part of the stem rather than part of the fork.  Front disc brake has been mounted inverted as well for right hand use.  To get the brake to work on the right side of the bike, the mounting had to be changed.  To do this we are using the front postmount and the lower body bolt.  This meant the rear mounting tab could be removed.  and also the cable stop could be as well.  The actuation arm was removed and a new hold for the sping was drilled adn the spring reinstalled in a different location so that it pulls up to actuate.  There is also an internal cable stop brazed into the leg of the fork.

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