EE Cycleworks Brake Update

Craig, founder of EE Cycleworks, takes a lot of pride in his designs and as a result he’s taken to rolling updates to his EE Brakesets. The latest modifications rolled out May 2016 and the brakes in our store are the newest sets.

New centering bolt and winged adjustment nut.

New centering bolt and winged adjustment nut.

Center Bolt Assembly

The entire centering bolt assembly has been redesigned and strengthened. The bolt has also been replaced and instead of being finger tightened it can now also use a 4mm hex head.

Cable Tension Adjustment Assembly

Some ProTour riders currently riding EE brakes, suggested easier on the fly cable tension adjustments. Craig made two changes to facilitate this. The adjustment nut is now a wing nut that’s easily turned when riding. Also the entire assembly sits in a concave ball and socket joint on the brake. The concave shape isn’t as deep as it used to be, this cuts down on the friction and lets the nut turn easier.

9 comments on “EE Cycleworks Brake Update”

  1. Steve says:

    I purchased from Fairwheel the set before this one and am wondering if any of these updates can be integrated. Thanks!

    1. ejordan says:

      None of the updates are available as aftermarket kits yet.

  2. Michael says:

    I have a set of EE brakes circa 2014 and have trouble with the centering adjustment not staying in place. Do you know if the upgrades can be retrofitted to alder models?

    1. ejordan says:

      A centering bolt kit may be available later but it might not be available for the version you have.

  3. Graham COLLINS says:

    Is there any way to update the older versions? Thanks graham

    1. ejordan says:

      None of the updates are available as aftermarket kits yet.

  4. mike says:

    When will the updates be available as aftermarket kits?

    1. Madcow says:

      Current brakes are unable to be updated as the changes were made at the production level.

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