Schmolke Carbon Rims

Schmolke has been teasing about new rims for a while, and now the details and pictures are finally available.  Rims are made in Germany.  Woven with one continuous thread.

The rims will come in the typical Schmolke SL (Superlight) and TLO (The Lightest One) trim levels.

In both trims they’ll be available in 30mm tubular only and 45mm  Tubular and clincher giving a total of 6 variations of rims.

They will also be available as complete wheels using Tune Mig 45/150 hubs with CxSuper spokes in the TLO version and Tune Mig70/170 hubs with CxRay in the SL version.

Rims will be available in October.

2 Year warranty and a crash replacement program (details still to come)

Rim Details

SL Series
30mm Tubular 288 grams 20/24 spoke 25.4mm width $500
45mm Tubular 350 grams 20/24 spoke 26mm width $550
45mm Clincher 400 grams 20/24 spoke 26mm width $600
TLO Series
30mm Tubular 270 grams 20/24 spoke 25.4mm width $600
45mm Tubular 335 grams 20/24 spoke 26mm width $650
45mm Clincher 383 grams 20/24 spoke 26mm width $700

More details to come soon.


14 comments on “Schmolke Carbon Rims”

  1. Brian Heminger says:

    I’m possibly interested in a set of these, either the SL or TLO 30mm tubular for Campy. Any idea yet on wheelset price and weight?

    1. Madcow says:

      We’ll be importing the rims and offering custom builds so price and weight will vary.

      1. Brian Heminger says:

        Page says October availability, October what? Any dates yet?

  2. jb says:

    details on rim braking surface.
    what is the recommended brake pads? included

  3. spytech says:

    Whats the internal diameter on the clincher rim?

  4. Philippe says:


    Gros rims is compatible tubeless ?

  5. kchapdaily says:

    Any updates on these? Definitely going to want to pick up a set.

    1. Madcow says:

      TLO 30mm rims are the first to be available and are already on the way. Others in a couple weeks.

  6. Marcel says:

    does Schmolke make their own rims? If not, who does?
    Thanks, M

    1. Madcow says:

      Schmolke is making these in house.

  7. DFOX says:

    any rider weight limit?

    1. Madcow says:

      220 Pounds.

  8. jb says:

    what are the recommended brake pads?
    internal width of rims?

  9. Sam says:

    Any ERD information?

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