EE Cycleworks Partners with Cane Creek

This agreement has been in the works for a while but it’s finally official.  Craig has partnered EE with Cane Creek.  Cane Creek isn’t new to the lightweight brake market, as some of the weight weenies that have been around for long enough will remember the 200SL.  Cane Creek usually develops all of their own products in house, so this return to the brake market in this way is a bit of an unusual move for them.  To find out more we had a chance to spend some time over the weekend talking with Craig from EE and Brent the President of Cane Creek.

Craig and Brent met while working on the Mclaren project for Specialized.  Brent was “blown away” by the EE brake which like other exotics didn’t compromise on performance, reliability and adjustment in order to achieve it’s light-weight.  They discussed finding a way to work together in the future, and this arrangement is the outcome of that meeting.

Cane Creek has the exclusive license to produce, distribute, market and sell eebrakes and derivatives.  But more importantly they came to a long term agreement that will remove Craig from the headaches of running a business and free him up to develop new products.

Pricing is not finalized but is not expected to change by much.

When asked if the brake would be re-branded as Cane Creek Brent replied:   “No, product integrity is one of my issues, and we will not put our brand on products that did not originate from Cane Creek. Going forward, future products may be co-branded or just Cane Creek branded based on their DNA.”

There are no immediate changes planned for either design or material, but as we know Craig, he will continue to refine the design as he has done for the past several years making small incremental changes over time.

While Cane Creek does not have immediate plans to produce the brakes again in colors other than black, they did say that it is an option that they do plan to look at going forward.

Brakes will now be produced in the Cane Creek factory in Fletcher, North Carolina.  Which we expect will decrease delivery times between product runs and hopefully stabilize availability.

US made brakes are expected to begin shipping in November.

Both Brent and Craig seem fairly excited about the project and look toward the future for more great things to come.


Official announcement:

As eecycleworks has evolved, you have been our champions, and thanks to your support, this kitchen table idea has grown into the reality that it is today. I’m excited to share that eecycleworks is partnering with Cane Creek Cycling Components.

eecycleworks, as a one man show, has always been stretched too thin in almost all areas including limitations in production and distribution. With Cane Creek Cycling Components, our intention is to increase product reach and develop new innovative products not previously possible.

Cane Creek is an employee-owned company based in the mountains of North Carolina led by President, Brent Graves. The company is deeply rooted in the culture of cycling and has built its reputation producing the industry’s top components through its pursuit of innovative solutions. From the introduction of threadless headset technology in 1991 to the ground-breaking Double Barrel suspension line in 2005, Cane Creek continues to push the envelope with its attention to detail and quality.

Cane Creek will assume the production, marketing, sales and distribution of the eebrake line freeing up eecycleworks’ to design, develop and innovate. Production will be moved to North Carolina. eecycleworks will remain intimately involved with the Cane Creek team, and using their expertise, maintain or improve product quality and service that you have come to expect from eecycleworks.

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