We’ve expanded our spoke selection recently, and so we wanted to share a quick update.



Our most welcome addition is the Sapim CX-Sprint, which we are stocking in both j-bend and straight pull in all lengths from 250-304mm. You could call the CX-Sprint a beefed-up CX-Ray; it is made with the same world-beating forged construction and with a similar aero bladed section. And the CX-Sprint is even drawn to the same dimensions at either end, but there is 1.25mm of meat in the center section compared the the CX-Ray’s 0.9mm. The weight difference comes to about 1 gram more per spoke, and they are a great value at $1.95 vs $3.10 for a CX-Ray.

We always strive to optimize every custom wheelbuild for each rider and his or her intended use. So we’re excited to have the CX-Sprint for bigger, stronger riders, and as an option to enhance the wheel’s durability. We often hear from riders who desire some extra peace of mind when using (and abusing) their equipment a long way back in the wilderness. Additionally, heavier gauge spokes can be the best way to increase a wheel’s lateral stiffness, especially with lower 20/24 hole spoke counts as is common on most carbon wheels.

A favorite around the shop and with a lot of our customers is the Pillar P14, a straight gauge j-bend spoke with an unusual and stunning titanium nitride plated finish. These spokes are manufactured from high quality stainless steel that is then plated and treated, giving them a wildly colorful rainbow finish. We stock these in all lengths from 100-300mm at $2.20 each.Spokes_1_P14

Another recent addition is the CX-Ray straight pull spoke in silver, now in stock in all lengths from 240-310mm. We will be showing these off on some upcoming builds with polished silver Carbon-Ti X hubs. Lastly, our favorite workhorse round spoke, the Race is now in stock in black straight pull from 240-310mm.

Another spoke we have begun using recently is the CX-Super, an exotic lightweight bladed spoke perhaps on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the CX-Sprint. These spokes are not for the faint of heart: they are 15 gauge (1.8mm) at the ends, so they require different nipples, and the price is $8.75 each. So what is their reason to exist? When seeking ultimate weight savings, in the wheels where it counts the most, these can compete with titanium (30-40g savings per pair of wheels vs CX-Rays) while keeping the stiffness and durability of steel. And there is no need to drill out the hub’s spoke holes like with some larger ti spokes. Note that we do stock the 1.8mm nipples required for these including the internal type. The CX-Supers are available by special order in j-bend and straight pull, in both black and silver, so please contact us about availability.

Our spoke inventory has never been bigger or more diverse, so please let us know if there’s any way we can help making your wheels perfect for you.

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