Factor Disc Project Part 1.

Since having done quite a few “worlds lightest” projects, it will probably come as no surprise that we’ve decided to see what we can do to build a light disc brake road racer.  The goal for this isn’t necessarily to have the worlds lightest, but rather something that is very light, but still race worthy.  Actually it might be both.  

For this project we decided to start with the Factor O2 Disc frameset.  The frameset includes quite a few bits and pieces: frame, fork, bar/stem combo, seatpost, saddle, bottom bracket, headset etc… You can see all the pieces that are inlcuded in this post.   For this project though we’ll be skipping a lot of the pieces in favor of ones that are a bit lighter.  

The frame that we’re starting with is a 52cm stealth finish.  853.2 Grams.   


The matching fork is 381.5 grams, uncut.  We’ll of course shave some of that weight when we cut it in a minute.  

Next up the headset.  Not going to make too many changes here.  The stock headset is 57.5 grams.  We left the lower bearing because the superlight bearing shaves only 4 grams and with the stresses on a lower bearing we felt it was better to keep the steel outer race.  The upper bearing is replaced with a Cane Creek AER taking the headset down to 52.8.

The expander and topcap can see some serious weight savings though.  The stock assembly is 43.6 grams, we replace that with a Cane Cree EE assembly and end up at 9.7 grams.  

The Factor includes 40mm of carbon spacers which weigh 21 grams, those get replaced with an equal amount of Tune Magnesium spacers at 8.9 grams.  

Then we add the Thm Tibia stem in an 11cm version at 85.1 grams and cut the steerer which takes the fork down to 352.1 grams.  Then it’s just a matter of putting the front end together.  

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