Road Crank Test 2.2.0

Having just finished up our previous crank test we hadn’t planned on doing another so quickly. However once we got our PF30 shell installed in the fixture we were excited to see how the SISL crank in particular would do. Before moving on I’d like to take a moment to give huge thanks to Rob English for helping out with the PF30, (you can thank Rob by either adding a comment in this post with thanks, or simply call him and order a frame.)

Now I want to take a moment to explain why the results in this test aren’t comparable to the test we released a few weeks ago. Our original plan called for building a fixture with BSA and PF30 shells located one above the other, this would mean that B30/PF30 would not be directly comparable to the BSA cranks due to differences in position. However before putting in the PF30 shell we decided a mirror image design of the BSA setup would be better. This meant that by doing it this way results should be directly comparable. The drawback to this was that it required a few changes to the BSA fixture the biggest of which was chain attachment and adjustment. In making these changes and in the interest of wanting results from both shells to be comparable it meant we had to retest all the cranks we had previously tested. The retesting was good and bad, the bad was that it meant repeating a bunch of work. It was good because it allowed us to find a small problem with the chain attachment point in the previous setup which unfortunately had led to a couple of the last cranks we tested to produce minor inaccuracies in our results. Also when retesting we didn’t have on hand Rotor and Ultegra cranks so we’ll have to add them back to the test in the next version. However we were able to add the often requested SISL2 as well as the Specialized Sworks, Campagnolo Comp Ultra, FSA SL-k Light and K-force Light.

There were definitely a few surprises for me. I’d expected better stiffness from the SISL, and at the same time did not expect to see the S-Works crank finish as the stiffest tested to date. Both the FSA cranks and the Campagnolo crank tested well too but you’re probably just interested in the results, so here they are…

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