AX-Lightness Vial Evo, Etap Build

For this AX-Lightness Vial Evo build Jason published the build process on Weight Weenies. So if you want to check out how Jason decided between components you can take a look.  The idea of this build is simple since it was Jason’s personal rider. The lighter build uses AX-Lightness wheelset with a Recon Cassette and will be centered around a hill climber build spec. The daily rider wheelset will be an ENVE 4.5 set with a standard SRAM Red cassette. The rest of the build is a balance between the two.

For more info on the build and to join the discussion check out the Weight Weenies post.

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Build List (4.15 / 5.22 kg)
Frame / Fork AX-Lightness Vial Evo
Skewers Tune U20
Cranks Clavicula SE
BB HSC Ceramic (6806)
Chainrings Praxis Buzz
Bars Schmolke TLO Compact
Handlebar Tape Lizard Skins DSP Race
Shift Levers Sram Red eTAP
Housing / Cables Alligator I-Link
Saddle AX-Lightness Phoenix
Seatpost Schmolke TLO
Headset Custom
Spacers Fairwheel
Front Derailleur Sram Red eTAP
Rear Derailleur Sram Red eTAP
Chain Kmc X11SL DLC, Black
Brakes Ltd Edition Fibulas
Seat collar AX-Lightness
Bottle Cages AX-Lightness Nasdorowje
ENVE 4.5 Wheelset
Front Hub ENVE Carbon Road
Rear Hub ENVE Carbon Road
Rims ENVE 4.5
Spokes Pillar Megalite
Cassette Sram Red
Tires Vittoria Graphene Plus
AX-Lightness Wheelset
Front Hub Tune Mig 45
Rear Hub Tune Mag Prototype
Rims AX-Lightness Prototype
Spokes Pillar Megalite
Cassette Recon
Tires Vittoria CS

Image Gallery: AX-Lightness Vial Evo, AX Wheels

Image Gallery: AX-Lightness Vial Evo, ENVE 4.5 Wheels

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