Factor Disc Project Part 4.

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The Factor O2 disc project bike is done. (At least for now) and as far as we can tell it comes in as the worlds lightest road disc brake race bike, even though a worlds lightest was not our goal.  Finished weight is 5092 grams (11.2 pounds).   We obviously could have gone lighter.  For sake of argument we could do the same build using our prototype Myth cranks, Fibre light chainring, carbon rotors and Tufo tires (all of those pieces we have in hand here and have weighed the differences) it would save 328 grams bringing the total down to 4.76kgs and still a few grams additional could be shaved.  However since the goal was the lightest race worthy disc bike, we opted for the more robust pieces and landed at a sub 5.1kgs weight.  

Full build list below the gallery.

Build List
Frame Factor O2 Disc 853.2gr
Fork Factor O2 Disc 352.1gr
Crankarms Thm Clavicula SE 300.5gr
BB HSC Full Ceramic tuned 68.6 gr
Chainrings Carbon-ti 50t, Fibre Lyte 34t 104.4gr
Chainring bolts Kcnc SL 7.5gr
Bars Schmolke TLO 146.4gr
Handlebar Tape Lizard Skins DSP 44.6gr
Handlebar Plugs FWB Carbon 5.4gr
Shift Levers Sram E-tap Hydro w/ calipers 744.4gr
Caliper Mount bolts Titanium 9.9gr
Stem Thm Tibia 85.1gr
Saddle Gelu 46.4gr
Seatpost Schmolke 78.3gr
Headset Ceramic Speed, Cane Creek AER 52.8gr
Top Cap, Bolt, Expander EE Cycleworks 9.7gr
Spacers Tune Mg. 8.9gr
Front Derailleur Sram E-tap 162.3gr
Rear Derailleur Sram E-tap, Extralite 224.2gr
Chain YBN Titanium 215.6gr
Brake Rotors Ashima Ai2 144.3gr
Brake Rotor Bolts Custom Rainbow Ti 15gr
Thru Axles Factor 57.5gr pair
Seat collar Factor Integrated 22.4gr
Bottle Cages Carbone 16.5gr pair
Handbuilt wheelset
Front Hub Extralite SPD 64.9gr
Rear Hub Extralite SPD 145.4gr
Rims FSE Prototype 442gr pair
Spokes Pillar Xtra Titanium 150.4gr
Nipples Pillar 13g, 17.7gr
Cassette Recon AL 11-25 108.3gr
Tires Vittoria Corsa Speed 377.2gr pair
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